Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hot New Quickie and a Contest!

"What's to know? I work construction. I ride a Harley, I have tattoos, I keep a knife in my boot, and I don't take shit from nobody."

That's what Richard tells his new girlfriend, Amelia, but she's not buying it. She senses the sub boy hiding beneath the tough guy fa├žade. With Dominatrix fantasies of her own, Amelia hopes to bring both their dreams of a BDSM love affair to life. Together they explore the power and intensity of submission, rope, whips and erotic pain. As hot and sexy as the BDSM games can be, in the end it's about trust. How far will Richard trust Amelia to go? And how deep is Amelia willing to take him?


Normally I reserve my contests for my newsletter subscribers, but I'm opening this one to anyone who wants to play! Here are the details:

 Mini Scavenger Hunt
Answer This Question
from Tough Boy:
"Tonight," he said, "Kate will be our object. You, Richard, will be our subject." 
WHO is speaking? 

Winner picks either a free signed paperback from the Romance Unbound catalog or 2 free ebook downloads of their choice from my website!
Send your answer to my email and I'll enter you into the contest Winner announced in my next newsletter. 

Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Release! Enslaved - a dark, edgy BDSM romance

I wanted to write something that was dark, edgy, a little dangerous, but still with some kind of connection. Not a typical non-consensual dark and dirty, but something with a potential for redemption, passion, even love. I wanted to write about real people - two flawed, confused, lonely people with a deep underlying attraction neither is willing to admit, each for his or her own reasons. This isn't a book for the faint of heart, but nor is it a sappy, pat paint-by-the-numbers romance, the kind where you know the ending after reading the first chapter.

I urge my readers of the sweet romances (though my romances always have an edge, I suppose) to give this darker, more intense work a chance. And those of you who favor the heart-pounding, gut wrenching non-cons, you might just find this fills the bill, along with a satisfying resolution that empowers both the characters and the reader.

Here is the blurb:

Caught red-handed with her fingers in the company cash, Rae Johansen must choose between near-certain jail time or a much shorter sentence locked away in a BDSM Dungeon. Acceptance means placing her free will, her body and possibly her soul in the hands of a dominant man who demands complete submission. Whips, chains, ropes, floggers and the sensual wrath of a spurned lover are just some of what await the hapless slave girl, should she accept the terms he offers.

Choose right, Rae, and choose wisely. This may be the last choice you ever make.

Saturday, July 30, 2011

What would you think of an audio book read by the author (me!)

I've been mulling this around for a while now, and if I can find the time, I think I would enjoy taking one or more of my books to an audio downloadable MP3 through I'm curious what you, my blog readers, think of this idea. Would you buy something like that? It being sometimes rather explicit erotica, would it make you uncomfortable to listen to it read aloud?

I still in the pondering stage on this, but leaning toward having a go. What do you think? Take the poll and weigh in.

Thanks! Claire

Click on the link to see how kindlegraph works

Kindlegraph lets authors send personalized inscriptions and signatures directly to the electronic reading devices of their fans! Click here to see how it works: To see it in action, check out the screencast.

Would You Like My Kindlegraph?

This is so cool! It's a new feature on Kindle. You can get your ebook personalized by the author! Click on this Kindlegraph Link to see my books available for personalizing by me for you!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alternative Treatment - Re-released through Romance Unbound

You might have missed this one the first time around. Here it is with a sexy new cover and a great m/m erotic romance inside!

Nolan Daniel’s got these one hundred hours of community service nailed, just as soon as he nails the handsome Dr. Mark Harrison, who controls Nolan’s time served. His sizable ego takes a hit when Mark rejects his advances in no uncertain terms. What did Nolan expect from a man of privilege?

Mark’s the good boy who always plays by the rules, always does what’s expected of him…and secretly chafes at the restrictions of his strait-laced life. Now he’s faced with the leather-jacketed bad boy who arouses the closeted Mark more than he wants to admit. A man he can’t resist. A man who helps him realize other things about his not-so-perfect life.

It’s time to take a stand. Time to burst the protective bubble each has built around himself in his own way. Little do they realize that moving forward could also cause them to lose each other and the love they share.

New Release! Fem Dom Short Story for 99 cents!

Go ahead, give it a try, why not? It's a first for me, why not for you too?

“She won me in a card game." 
 That's the opener to this erotic short story. Michael gets more than he bargains for when he agrees to step in and cover his girlfriend's gambling debt. He finds himself at the home of a sexy Dominatrix for a night of complete obedience and submission. He’s never been into BDSM, but how tough could it be? And it’s only for one night, isn’t it?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Check out this review for Switch!

It got the highest possible accolades on the Just Erotic Romance Reviews site, a Gold Star Award.

I have to say, Nathan Levi is maybe my personal fave Dom. He's this unassuming, unprepossessing starving artist type who is just comfortable and content with who he is. No airs, no posturing or swagger. It was so fun to juxtapose him with Dane Bishop, more of a stereotypical Dom sort of dude, complete with the leather pants and the BDSM gear. The strange love story that evolves is one of my personal favorites.

Click here to check out review.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Heart Thief Now Available!

A hot, sexy cowboy BDSM romance.  

After a stint in the Army, Luke Malone finds himself far from his country roots, working casino security in Las Vegas. Just beginning to come to grips with his submissive side, he doesn’t stand a chance when powerful Houston millionaire Glenn Griffin sets his sights on the Texas cowboy.

After one hot night of instant connection, Glenn offers Luke a dream job and a lot more. However, all too soon Glenn tires of his latest boy toy. To clear the path for his next conquest, Glenn sends Luke on a business trip to an East Texas ranch in which he has an investment interest. There Luke meets Sawyer, a man with very different ideas about erotic submission and mixing pain with pleasure. In addition to bondage, suspension and whips, with Sawyer there is also tenderness, affirmation and a deep sensual bond like none Luke has ever experienced.

On his own path in search of meaning through spiritual D/s and erotic pain, Sawyer has had troubles of his own. With Luke, he embarks on a journey that opens both their worlds in ways neither had ever imagined. That is, until Glenn decides he wants his boy back. And what Glenn wants, Glenn gets.

Coming Soon in Paperback!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Come Explore the Dark Side...If You Dare!

Hot off the (virtual) press, I give you Slave Island, an erotic thriller of abduction, forced submission and control. Slave Island will take you on a suspense-filled journey into a dark and dangerous world of sexual sadism. Follow Julianna as she finds hope in unexpected places and takes courage from the valiant spirit of those who whisper: never give up.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Monday, March 14, 2011

Got to Brag a Little!

This just in:


(Columbus, OH) -- National Leather Association: International (NLA-I), a leading organization for activists in the pansexual SM/leather/fetish community, announced today the finalists for its annual writing awards. Named after activists and writers Geoff Mains, John Preston, Pauline Reage, Cynthia Slater, and the groundbreaking organization Samois, they are awarded annually to recognize excellence in writing and publishing about leather, SM, bondage and fetishes. 

The finalists for the Pauline Reage Novel Award are: 
Evangeline Anderson, Dangerous Cravings (Loose Id)

James Buchanan, All or Nothing (MLR Press)

Cherise Sinclair, The Dom’s Dungeon (Loose Id)

Claire Thompson, Cowboy Poet (Romance Unbound)

India Wilson, The Knot Artist (Lightning Strikes)

I'm in good company! I'll keep you posted if I win! 

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Two Doms but only one Master

Dane Bishop is reigning king in the Austin BDSM underground scene. A chance meeting with a sexy local artist named Nathan Levi turns his world upside down. Nathan can see beyond Dane's swaggering persona to the untapped submissive streak beneath the leather and chain. As each struggles to gain and maintain control, the sexual sparks fly. It's only a matter of time before a spark catches and bursts into flame.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Sacred Blood Re-released with Romance Unbound Publishing

This vampire tale has just been re-released through Romance Unbound. It's a dark tale of blood and intrigue, set in 19 century Saudi Arabia and the present day.
The vampire Yasmine Hilal has been recruited in a deadly hunt for a rogue band of vampires who are killing their own kind. As she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, Yasmine comes face to face with Englishman David Lawrence, her onetime savior centuries before when she was nothing but a slave girl.

David, never aware of her secret, pining love, is struck with the glamorous beauty and wit of this aloof, modern woman, unaware she is determined to remain impervious to his charms. Yasmine is reluctantly paired with the dashing David as they return to her Middle Eastern home to penetrate the harem of the evil vampire Prince Hasan. Posing as a dispossessed princess to penetrate his secret lair, Yasmine risks her life, trusting in the one man she ever loved to save her.

Interview at The Romance Studio plus FREE DRAWING!

I've been interviewed at the Romance Studio. Check it out and enter the drawing for a signed copy of Dream Master.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

New Interview on Force Fantasy Blog

For those of you who enjoy a bit of the darker side of erotic fantasy, check out this blog. As some of you know, I do write these dark and dirties from time to time. In fact, I'm working on one right now titled Slave Island. Charlotte Gatto was kind enough to interview me on her site about my writing and my life in general, and I held nothing back! Pop over and see what you think.

Friday, January 14, 2011

HOT OFF THE PRESS! Dream Master-m/f BDSM paranormal

Yes, you read that right. I know it's a departure for me to write something with magical elements, but this story was just too fun to resist. It's more a BDSM erotic romance than anything, but, as much of it takes place in shared dreams, there is certainly a paranormal element. The title is somewhat deceiving, in that you might think you know who the Dream Master is, but things take a dark twist in the dreams, even as romance blossoms in real life.

Click here for blurb, excerpt and buy link!
Love, Claire

Sunday, January 2, 2011

What's in a Name?

Well, a lot, actually! It's been a while since I checked in at my blog. I just finished Dream Master (releasing soon! I'll keep you posted), and already I'm thinking about my next novel - working title - Slave Island. One stumbling block for me at the beginning of each new project is getting the names right. Names matter! 

Let me tell you what this one is about, and then, if you feel like it, please put in your two cents! It's been a long time since I penned something dark and dangerous - a suspense-filled abduction tale, not for the faint of heart. Slave Island  will be such a story, but the slave traders intent on abducting and bending her to their will are in for a surprise when they nab ......! Our heroine is no wilting flower, but a kickass woman who doesn't know how to give up, even against extraordinary odds.

Lured to what she thinks is an all-expense paid dream vacation at an exclusive resort located on an island in the Caribbean, ...... finds herself imprisoned at a slave training camp, with cruel trainers intent on breaking her down into a compliant, docile slave girl, ready to serve the powerful men who would purchase her for their own.

The book will be a dark and probing exploration into the twisted minds of sadistic trainers out to exploit and control innocent young women. But I'll take it a step further, delving into the dynamics of mind control and forced sexual submission, as well as the tenacity of a determined spitfire of a girl who refuses to yield her dignity and spirit in the face of erotic torture and forced submission. 

So here's where you come in! Fill in those blanks! What should we name this heroine? Something strong and sexy. I was thinking Lexi, Leanna, Lee (don't know why I'm going for L's...) Comment and let me have your ideas. If I choose a name you suggested, you will win a prize!

Thanks! Love, Claire