Saturday, July 30, 2011

What would you think of an audio book read by the author (me!)

I've been mulling this around for a while now, and if I can find the time, I think I would enjoy taking one or more of my books to an audio downloadable MP3 through I'm curious what you, my blog readers, think of this idea. Would you buy something like that? It being sometimes rather explicit erotica, would it make you uncomfortable to listen to it read aloud?

I still in the pondering stage on this, but leaning toward having a go. What do you think? Take the poll and weigh in.

Thanks! Claire

Click on the link to see how kindlegraph works

Kindlegraph lets authors send personalized inscriptions and signatures directly to the electronic reading devices of their fans! Click here to see how it works: To see it in action, check out the screencast.

Would You Like My Kindlegraph?

This is so cool! It's a new feature on Kindle. You can get your ebook personalized by the author! Click on this Kindlegraph Link to see my books available for personalizing by me for you!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alternative Treatment - Re-released through Romance Unbound

You might have missed this one the first time around. Here it is with a sexy new cover and a great m/m erotic romance inside!

Nolan Daniel’s got these one hundred hours of community service nailed, just as soon as he nails the handsome Dr. Mark Harrison, who controls Nolan’s time served. His sizable ego takes a hit when Mark rejects his advances in no uncertain terms. What did Nolan expect from a man of privilege?

Mark’s the good boy who always plays by the rules, always does what’s expected of him…and secretly chafes at the restrictions of his strait-laced life. Now he’s faced with the leather-jacketed bad boy who arouses the closeted Mark more than he wants to admit. A man he can’t resist. A man who helps him realize other things about his not-so-perfect life.

It’s time to take a stand. Time to burst the protective bubble each has built around himself in his own way. Little do they realize that moving forward could also cause them to lose each other and the love they share.

New Release! Fem Dom Short Story for 99 cents!

Go ahead, give it a try, why not? It's a first for me, why not for you too?

“She won me in a card game." 
 That's the opener to this erotic short story. Michael gets more than he bargains for when he agrees to step in and cover his girlfriend's gambling debt. He finds himself at the home of a sexy Dominatrix for a night of complete obedience and submission. He’s never been into BDSM, but how tough could it be? And it’s only for one night, isn’t it?

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Check out this review for Switch!

It got the highest possible accolades on the Just Erotic Romance Reviews site, a Gold Star Award.

I have to say, Nathan Levi is maybe my personal fave Dom. He's this unassuming, unprepossessing starving artist type who is just comfortable and content with who he is. No airs, no posturing or swagger. It was so fun to juxtapose him with Dane Bishop, more of a stereotypical Dom sort of dude, complete with the leather pants and the BDSM gear. The strange love story that evolves is one of my personal favorites.

Click here to check out review.

Friday, July 8, 2011

Heart Thief Now Available!

A hot, sexy cowboy BDSM romance.  

After a stint in the Army, Luke Malone finds himself far from his country roots, working casino security in Las Vegas. Just beginning to come to grips with his submissive side, he doesn’t stand a chance when powerful Houston millionaire Glenn Griffin sets his sights on the Texas cowboy.

After one hot night of instant connection, Glenn offers Luke a dream job and a lot more. However, all too soon Glenn tires of his latest boy toy. To clear the path for his next conquest, Glenn sends Luke on a business trip to an East Texas ranch in which he has an investment interest. There Luke meets Sawyer, a man with very different ideas about erotic submission and mixing pain with pleasure. In addition to bondage, suspension and whips, with Sawyer there is also tenderness, affirmation and a deep sensual bond like none Luke has ever experienced.

On his own path in search of meaning through spiritual D/s and erotic pain, Sawyer has had troubles of his own. With Luke, he embarks on a journey that opens both their worlds in ways neither had ever imagined. That is, until Glenn decides he wants his boy back. And what Glenn wants, Glenn gets.

Coming Soon in Paperback!