Saturday, November 5, 2011

Hot New Quickie and a Contest!

"What's to know? I work construction. I ride a Harley, I have tattoos, I keep a knife in my boot, and I don't take shit from nobody."

That's what Richard tells his new girlfriend, Amelia, but she's not buying it. She senses the sub boy hiding beneath the tough guy fa├žade. With Dominatrix fantasies of her own, Amelia hopes to bring both their dreams of a BDSM love affair to life. Together they explore the power and intensity of submission, rope, whips and erotic pain. As hot and sexy as the BDSM games can be, in the end it's about trust. How far will Richard trust Amelia to go? And how deep is Amelia willing to take him?


Normally I reserve my contests for my newsletter subscribers, but I'm opening this one to anyone who wants to play! Here are the details:

 Mini Scavenger Hunt
Answer This Question
from Tough Boy:
"Tonight," he said, "Kate will be our object. You, Richard, will be our subject." 
WHO is speaking? 

Winner picks either a free signed paperback from the Romance Unbound catalog or 2 free ebook downloads of their choice from my website!
Send your answer to my email and I'll enter you into the contest Winner announced in my next newsletter. 


  1. Grrrr!!! I'm having a hard time finding the answer.

  2. I am thinking maybe you didn't read the rules of the contest? This line is from the short story Tough Boy, so in order to answer it, you have to read it.

  3. Ahhhhh, I thought maybe the answer was in the excerpt or the blurb. My mistake.