Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alternative Treatment - Re-released through Romance Unbound

You might have missed this one the first time around. Here it is with a sexy new cover and a great m/m erotic romance inside!

Nolan Daniel’s got these one hundred hours of community service nailed, just as soon as he nails the handsome Dr. Mark Harrison, who controls Nolan’s time served. His sizable ego takes a hit when Mark rejects his advances in no uncertain terms. What did Nolan expect from a man of privilege?

Mark’s the good boy who always plays by the rules, always does what’s expected of him…and secretly chafes at the restrictions of his strait-laced life. Now he’s faced with the leather-jacketed bad boy who arouses the closeted Mark more than he wants to admit. A man he can’t resist. A man who helps him realize other things about his not-so-perfect life.

It’s time to take a stand. Time to burst the protective bubble each has built around himself in his own way. Little do they realize that moving forward could also cause them to lose each other and the love they share.

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