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A Test of Love - Book 2 of the Solitary Knights Series - NOW AVAILABLE!

A Test of Love is now available at 1RomanceEBooks! For only $2.99, get a healthy dose of manlove, suspense and romance!

When Ryan and Tom reconnect after fourteen years apart, the heat between them is instant. But their fledgling relationship is tested when both receive hate-filled notes, warning each man to stay away from the other. When the warnings turn to violence, can the relationship survive?

Note: Book 1: Finding Chandler, is available as a free download at 1RE. While each book stands alone, your reading enjoyment will be enhanced if you read the prior books in the series first! Enjoy!

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The Unlikely Hero - Guest Blogging at Jessewave's Blog!

Please stop by Jessewave's fun, sexy blog and see what you think of my article on the Unlike Hero in romance novels! I would LOVE your input, so please leave a comment!


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Winter Solstice Contest - CLUE #6 - The Last Clue!

What Claire Thompson novel does this quote come from? Find the answer in the excerpts at!

I’m what you’d call a slow study. I had not one, but three different guys break my heart before I finally figured out if you don’t hold it out there, they can’t break the damn thing.

You can either email me each clue, or save them all up and email all the answers by December 21.
Good luck!

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Winter Solstice Contest - CLUE #5

What Claire Thompson novel does this quote come from? Find the answer in the excerpts at!

The room was bathed in the rosy glow of a night light. She looked like an angel, her long lashes touching her cheeks, her dark hair spread over the pillow. The sheets had slid down to her waist.

You can either email me each clue, or save them all up and email all the answers by December 21.

Tomorrow is last day to play!

Friday, December 18, 2009

Winter Solstice Contest - CLUE #4

What Claire Thompson novel does this quote come from? Find the answer in the excerpts at!


I could feel myself falling, falling into something dangerous, something forbidden. My guilt was sharp as razor blades as the spirit of Randy slid up into my mind's eye, his face a mask of reproach. He'd always been a jealous lover and even in death he remained so.

You can either email me each clue, or save them all up and email all the answers by December 21.

Good luck!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Winter Solstice Contest - CLUE #3

What Claire Thompson novel does this quote come from? Find the answer in the excerpts at!

Dark and wide, the color something between brown and black, fathomless, mesmerizing, dangerous—Paul’s eyes could captivate any mortal he chose to seduce. For Paul Windsor was no ordinary man. Paul Windsor was a warlock—one of the most powerful warlocks in the secret magic circles that permeated mortal society.

You can either email me each clue, or save them all up and email all the answers by December 21.

Have fun!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Winter Solstice Contest - CLUE #2

What Claire Thompson novel does this quote come from? Find the answer in the excerpts at 1RomanceEBooks.


“She sat there, mute, in awe of what she had just heard. Chains, whipped, submissive, strapped, paddle...the words were spinning in her head. All her dirty little dreams were being bandied about so casually by this woman at her table.”

You can either email me each clue, or save them all up and email all the answers by December 21.

Good Luck!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Winter Solstice Contest - CLUE #1

What Claire Thompson novel does this quote come from? Find the answer in the excerpts at 1RomanceEBooks!

"He was burning out of control, his cock pressing like a steel rod in his jeans, jealousy dripping like an acid corroding his heart."

You can either email me each clue, or save them all up and email all the answers by December 21.

Third Prize - a $10 gift code at 1RomanceEBooks
Second Prize - a $20 gift code at 1RomanceEBooks
Grand Prize - FIVE signed paperbacks by Claire

Happy hunting!

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FREE READ - The Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay - Book 1:Finding Chandler

Just released, the first book of my series, The Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay, is now available for download at 1RomanceEBooks! This is my holiday gift to you!


It started as a joke. Several guys burned by love decided to create a club that they dubbed the Solitary Knights—promising each other they would have nothing to do with love, preferring to play the field and keep their hearts intact.

One night, Drew Kensington, owner of the pub where the guys meet, issues a challenge, “Why don’t you find that one guy—the one that got away, the one you’ve never quite let fade from your dreams? Track him down. Reconnect. Then come back here and tell us what you found out.”

And so it began, the tales of the Solitary Knights. What will they find on their adventures into the past? Stop by Pelham Bay Pub to hear their stories.

Book 1: Finding Chandler - Eric Moore seeks out the guy who had been his college lover, the one who had promised to wait forever for Eric to return, but Eric never did…until now. The man he discovers isn’t the boy he left behind so long ago… Will finding Chandler mean finding love at last?

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Guest Blogging ALL THIS WEEK at

I hope you will join me this week at Novel Spot Behind the Scenes! I will be posting seven entries, each one exploring different aspects of being a writer and publisher - from my first novel, to my first bad review! I do hope you'll stop by and check it out.


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Check out 1RE's Sexy New NING Social Network!

Pop over and see what's happening. Huge contest coming soon! Lots of networking, blogging, chatting, new books, latest fun, all that's exciting at!


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Texas Surrender NOW AVAILABLE!

Pop on over to 1RomanceEBooks and get you a copy before they fly off the virtual shelves! I'd love your comments after you read it! Let me know how I did with my cowboys.

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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Claire Thompson Writes Cowboy Stories???

Check out my post today at Rainbow Reviews and get a sneak peek at Texas Surrender!

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Review of Cast a Lover's Spell - 4.5 Divas!

Check out the review of Cast a Lover's Spell at Dark Divas! Click here to read the whole thing!

Claire Thompson pens another great tale in Cast a Lover’s Spell. I was swept into Paul’s world of magic and desire; however, this book has a more realistic feel to it than do most paranormals. The fantastical elements are woven seamlessly into the lives of these characters, making the reader feel a part of the action.

Cast a Lover's Spell - Now Available!

Paul Windsor has a secret—he’s a warlock. Weaving his passion spells, he takes what pleasure he desires from mortal women, leaving them breathless and longing for more. Yet Anne, a young widow he meets by chance, seems impervious to his considerable charms. Something about Anne touches Paul’s heart, speaking to a secret part of him he didn’t know existed. In a turn of the tables, the warlock finds himself falling hopelessly, absurdly in love with a mortal woman! Desperate for the ethereal beauty, Paul will stop at nothing to possess not only her body, but her heart and soul as well. Anne, in the grip of a magic she doesn’t understand, must find the courage to love again. Passion, sensual surrender and magic weave together to create a fiery love story.

Drawn into his secret world, Anne learns a few simple spells, never dreaming her newfound magic will help to save her from a stalker intent on holding her hostage. Paul learns there is a price to be paid when magic masquerades as love. Together Anne and Paul learn that life without risk, and most especially without love, is no life at all.

Paperback coming soon! Buy the ebook here!

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Rainbow Awards at Elisa Rolle's LiveJournal - VOTE!

Handyman has made it through the first go round, and now it's time to vote again! Please go cast your vote for Handyman today!

How to vote: If you have a Live Journal account already, just log in and click on the boxes next to the novels you are voting for. Submit Poll and you are done!

If you don’t an account yet, click on log in, and you’ll see the “create account” button. Click it, fill in the blanks, confirm at your email address and voila! You are in! To be taken back to Elisa’s site to vote, just click again on the link: RAINBOW AWARDS

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OUR MAN FRIDAY now out in print!

If you like to hold a book in your hand, this m/m/f menage is ready for you! I post here the blurb and a new excerpt to tickle your fancy. PAPERBACK BUY LINK

What’s the old adage—sex ruins friendship? It happened to Cassidy and Ian. Ian pulls back. Cassidy, secretly in love, lets him. Enter Kye McClellan, the sexy Scotsman who heats things up to the boiling point. Cassidy turns her passion toward him. Ian, faced with losing the thing most precious to him, vows to reclaim her heart.

Kye, free-spirited and bisexual, turns his attentions to Ian. The passion gets so hot it burns the wander-lusting Kye, who makes a break and in the process breaks their hearts. Ian and Cassidy have to trust that love will find a way to bring him home.


She looked down at his large hand covering hers. Her arm tingled as she imagined him sliding those fingers along her skin, moving upward toward her shoulder. Her nipples were erect and probably showing through the thin material of her tank top. She pulled her hand from beneath his and crossed her arms over her chest.

She thought suddenly about the condition of the house, about the disarray in the huge living room they’d commandeered for Ian’s studio and her work area. They were both so focused on getting the business up and running, neither had the time nor the inclination to do much housekeeping. Despite their best intentions, though most of the boxes were unpacked, pictures had yet to be hung and there were no curtains on the windows.

Oh well. There were worse things than a messy house. Somehow she didn’t think Kye would mind too much. The spare bedroom was clean. It just needed sheets on the bed.

Though she hadn’t intended to pry, she found herself saying, “So it was an amiable split? No broken hearts?”
He looked so sad she wanted to lean over and hold him. Why were things always such a mess when it came to relationships? Inwardly she sighed, thinking of her own confusion and longing when it came to love. Aloud she said, “Was she American?”

“Actually it wasn’t a she,” Kye answered, his cheeks dimpling. “It was a guy.”

Gay? Had she misread his cues, comments and body language so completely? Cassidy’s stunned reaction must have shown on her face. “Not what you were expecting to hear, I’m guessing?”

“No, it’s not that, I mean, well, yes.” Cassidy struggled to recover. “I usually have a pretty good read on that sort of thing.”

Kye again put his hand over hers, his touch warm and firm. “Your read was quite accurate. It just so happens I’m attracted to men as well. That’s not so unusual, is it? You give me the impression of someone who’s open-minded about such things.”

“Yeah. I’m totally cool with it.” In fact she wasn’t sure what she was with it, at least in regard to him. What was her problem? Had she already planned to seduce the guy, when on the surface they had only bartered business advice for a bed?

Yeah, she admitted, she had. She could almost feel his hard, strong body covering hers, her nipples mashed beneath his chest, her sex soaked with desire as he eased himself into her heat…

Kye shook her out of her mini-fantasy. “Would you like another beer?”

Forcing the fantasy from her mind, Cassidy glanced at her watch. It was already after eight. “I hadn’t realized it was so late. Say, have you had dinner yet?” When he shook his head no, she continued. “I was going to stop and pick up some tamales. Then I could take you home and introduce you to Ian.”

“Sounds like a plan, though I have no idea what tamales are.”

Cassidy grinned. “Then you’re in for a treat. Do you want to follow me?”

“I’d have to run awfully fast, I’m afraid. I have no car.”

“No car in Houston? How do you get around?”

“I’ve only been here a few weeks. Until today I didn’t need one.”

Cassidy sensed the subject was a sore one. “No problem. You can come with me.”

As they left the bar, Cassidy could feel the eyes of some of the regulars on her. She waved toward some gay friends of hers, George and Paul, who waved back. George, who was always telling her what a great catch Ian was and how foolish she was not to ensnare him, lifted a thumb approvingly into the air. She fervently hoped Kye hadn’t seen the gesture.

Kye put his few possessions in the back of Cassidy’s car and climbed into the passenger seat beside her as she started the engine. She pulled out of the parking lot, wondering what the hell had gotten into her. Picking up a stranger, taking him in her car, bringing him home to Ian? Was she certifiably insane? Yet she didn’t feel panicked, nor did she really question the decision, though admittedly it wasn’t like her to bring someone she’d just met home. Instinctively she knew she could trust this man. There was something about him that put her at ease, once she got past his devastatingly good looks.

They picked up tamales, enchiladas and refritos, and a six-pack of beer to go with it, before heading home. Kye insisted on paying.

Cassidy pulled into the driveway of the old house, with its sagging wrap-around porch and small yard, the grass of which was in desperate need of cutting, bright yellow dandelions peeking here and there through the green. She was embarrassed at the place’s bedraggled appearance.

She turned to offer her excuses, but Kye beat her to it. “What a fantastic old house. I love all the turrets and towers. This must be one of the older houses in Houston. This is really yours?”

The admiration was evident in his voice, and Cassidy’s embarrassment was replaced, or at least mitigated, by pride. “Yeah. Well, the mortgage is ours.” She flashed a rueful grin. “It was a foreclosure and we got it for an incredible deal. It’s still a hefty monthly payment though. Sometimes I think we rushed into it.”

“This house will return its investment tenfold, you can count on it. You made the right decision. It’s a sound old place, I’m willing to bet. A few nails and a bit of paint will smarten it up nicely. Have you got a lawn mower?”

“Yes, though I guess you wouldn’t know it from the looks of the lawn. That’s Ian’s job but he’s been so busy…”

“That I can well understand. Perhaps in the morning I can give the yard a quick mow. I wouldn’t mind a bit. I like to be occupied.”

“Oh, I couldn’t ask you—”

“And nor did you. I offered.”

They climbed out of the car and walked to the front door. She opened the door, calling, “Hi, Ian. I’m back. I brought Mexican food and a new friend. Come out and meet him.” She held her breath, waiting for Ian to appear. What was she nervous about? Kye wasn’t her date, and anyway she didn’t need Ian’s permission to bring someone home.

After a moment Ian came into the large front hall, running his hands through his short blond hair so that it stood on end, making him look like he’d just woken up. It was a habit he had when he had been concentrating on something for a long time and was trying to return to the world, as he termed it. She had always found the gesture endearing, and her heart lurched at the sight of him.

“Ian. This is Kye McClellan. He’s visiting from Scotland.”

A flicker of a scowl crossed Ian’s face though it was quickly replaced by a pleasant smile. They moved toward one another and shook hands. She knew Ian was wondering if the term friend was code for lover.

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5 Stars from Just Erotic Romance Reviews!

Reviewer: Marcy Arbitman
Rating: 5 Stars
Heat Level: H

...Set in ancient Japan, A Princely Gift is told as delicately as the Japanese draw on rice paper. Descriptions of the characters were wonderful and I enjoyed them immensely...The plot moved beautifully through the lives of the two men, including Yukio's marriage and Kisho's move into the palace. The sexual encounters seemed so real to me even though Yukio was married....Ms. Thompson has done it again! Bravo!

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OMG I'm Omnipotent!

Okay, maybe not omnipotent, just in two places at once.

Check out my guest blog at Book Wenches! You can also read their review of Accidental Slave.

And at the same time, I'm the Featured Friday guest at Dark Divas! You can check out their review of Wicked Hearts while you're there!

Please stop by both spots and leave a comment! There's a contest at Dark Divas, make sure to enter!

Thanks! Love, Claire

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Trailers by Theresa has designed a super hot, terrific book trailer just for Wicked Hearts.

Go have a look! Tell your friends!

Wicked Hearts Trailer

Let me know what you think!

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JP Bowie's Review of Wicked Hearts - 5 Stars!

5.0 out of 5 stars
By J. P. Bowie "J.P." (Las Vegas, Nevada)
New spin on a classic tale, August 24, 2009

Reese Armstrong and Hank Seeley have been friends and occasional sex partners since high school. Hank is immensely rich and likes to play games - games that generally involve Reese's ability to seduce just about anyone, then have the seduction video taped for Hank's voyeuristic enjoyment. The story is written along the lines of Dangerous Liaisons - two cold-hearted, spoiled jerks out to ruin the life of an innocent. The innocent in question is Jeff Hartman, the office geek, who is already in awe of Reese, and whom Reese thinks will be an easy conquest - and lay.
Jeff, however, is not stupid, and at first is not completely taken in by Reese's flattery, invitations to dinner and affectionate moves. Gradually, of course, he succumbs, not so much to Reese's good looks and charm, but to what he begins to see underneath the glamorous facade - a hurt and troubled man who gave up on love a long time ago.
When Reese finds himself falling in love with Jeff, and admits as much to Hank, his one time friend becomes his nemesis, bound and determined to destroy any chance Reese and Jeff may have for happiness. Pitting one man against the other by revealing the video tape to Jeff, Hank exults, convinced that now Reese will be his playmate again, and forget about love and similar nonsense.
The story has been told before in various forms, so it is a measure of Ms. Thompson's skill as a writer that one remains totally wrapped up in the plot as it unwinds to its inevitable conclusion. Highly recommended.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

WICKED HEARTS Available in PRINT too!

I am delighted to announce the release of Wicked Hearts! I post a blurb here to remind you what it's about: "Oh, what a tangled web we weave..."
Reese and Hank are used to taking what they want, just because they can. They set their sights on the office geek, a painfully shy whiz kid named Jeff. Hank bets Reese he can't get the guy in bed within a week - he makes the pot very sweet with an offer of $5,000, if Reese can do the job - on tape.

Reese, usually so cocky and sure, is completely disarmed by the quiet but intense Jeff. What begins as a cynical seduction rapidly heats into flames of dangerous desire. Reese finds himself falling, hard, but disentangling himself from Hank is even harder. Jealousy, lust and unraveling lies threaten to shatter more than one heart in this tale of love and betrayal.


Please stop by and post a reader review on!

I have posted the ENTIRE FIRST CHAPTER on my yahoo chat group! If you're not a member and want to be, click here!

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TwoLipsReviews Gives Accidental Slave FIVE LIPS!

...When an author can weave kink into a well-written plot driven story, I know I’m in for a rare treat. Claire Thompson really shines as a premiere BDSM writer...Ms. Thompson unites two unlikely characters destined to be together in Accidental Slave. I was hooked from its first sentence and chortled with glee as justice finally this book’s wonderful end.

Click Here to Read Entire Review

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Julian's Second Chance - Re-release of an oldie but goodie! FRIDAY, JULY 24!

You know how you shouldn't judge a book by its cover. But we all do, right? Well, the original cover and title to this book were just never quite right! It was released a while back with Aspen Mountain Press under the title Masks of Emotion. The publisher and I agreed a face lift and a new name were just what this sexy novella needed to grab readers' attention.

It's a m/m erotic romance that received excellent reviews when it first came out last year, including 5 stars at Rainbow Reviews and an A from Simply Romance Reviews. I do hope you'll check it out! I'd love any comments on the new cover.

I will give away a copy of the newly released version to one of the commenters, sometime this weekend. (I'll be in Kansas at Carol Lynne's weekend, but I'm sure I'll be able to check in!)


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Alternate Treatment - Jessewaveblog Review

Read the Entire Review

Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5
A Guest Review by Aunt Lynn

Alternative Treatment is the second book from Claire Thompson that I’ve read and enjoyed (Handyman, reviewed here, was the first). Well-written and plotted with fleshed-out characters, this is a tale of taking chances and making positive changes...I thought both protags to be sympathetic, believable, complex and well-developed…The conflict in the story is both internal and external, and while the external conflicts — mostly with Mark’s family — contribute to the whole, the majority of the drama is around Nolan and his personality issues, and Mark getting the courage to make some much desired career shifts. Around this, I liked watching the changes in the heroes. Though both men grow emotionally throughout the course of the story, Nolan’s is palpable. Learning to be happy, to trust someone else, and to not throw up his defenses nor blame others for problems he created himself all made for a satisfying journey as a reader…I recommend Alternative Treatment to anyone looking for a romantic tale of putting aside assumptions, taking chances and making changes for the better.

Coffee Time Romance Gives Submission Times Two FIVE CUPS!

Wow, the reviews are coming in fast and furious. This one is stellar and I'm thrilled to pieces!

Click here to read full review!

Here is some of what they had to say:

I read the book in one sitting and simply found myself glued to my e-book reader just so I could find out the outcome of this unconventional relationship. The sex scenes in this story are hot enough to singe eyebrows, but they are also emotional and as the reader you get immediately that deep emotions are engaged even while BDSM play is going on. The scenes are not the cookie cutter scenes that you see in some erotic romances, this is real BDSM play, and I liked that because it was real. The conclusion is stunning, and beautiful, and made me very glad that I got to review this newest edition to Ms. Thompson’s book list. If you enjoy reading m/m romance, or BDSM love stories, this is one you do not want to miss!

Rainbow Reviews Gives Alternative Treatment 4 Stars

To read the full review by British Bull Dog - Click Here!

Both Nolan and Mark have been given compelling, believable if unfulfilled pasts. Nolan had to work his way through life…Outwardly Mark has a much more cushy existence, but we’re allowed to look closer to see the boredom, the family pressure keeping him in a job he hates. In short we can sympathize with both men. …It’s how the author had her characters recover from [a sticky] situation that is where the true metal of this storyteller is revealed. Angst, despair and ultimate joy of forgiveness are all wonderfully explored.

I really like how each man gives the gift of a future to the other. Before Mark, Nolan went through life never falling in love, never seeing the need. Before Nolan, Mark didn’t have a reason to stand up to his family. But these things weren’t imposed on the plot, they slowly grew organically from it. Yes, at times I wanted to shout at the guys to tell them they were messing up, but they couldn’t change their long-observed behavior overnight. …Well done Ms. Thompson, you’ve written another winner.

Buy Link

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Welcome to my blog. I'm excited about this new blog o' mine! To help celebrate, I want to have a contest. The winner of the contest will receive a signed paperback of their choice from my back list, including Submission Times Two, which should be out in print any day now!

Contest Rules: IF, by August 15, I have over 50 followers, THEN I will select a winner at random from those followers. Simple as that. So invite your friends to sign up too. The more the merrier!

Let the games begin. Leave me some comments. Let me know what we should blog about!

Happy Reading! Claire

Alternative Treatment - Review at Literary Nymphs!

m/m erotic romance released with Amber Quill Press on July 5, 2009.

Buy Link: Alternative Treatment

Click Here to Read an Excerpt

The first review for Alternative Treatment is out! Here is the link for the full review: Literary Nymphs Reviews

I post a snippet here: "...Alternative Treatmentis a poignant and very enjoyable romance. Both men have some heavy emotional baggage they are dealing with in their life, yet they bring balance to each other’s lives and form a relationship of contentment in the love they share for each other as well as love for their similar occupational ambitions. Claire Thompson has created a well written, heartwarming story with realistic characters to which readers can relate."

Welcome to my blog!

Welcome to Claire's blog! I am pleased to announce I am finally entering the 21st century, only a few years late! This is a work in progress and I look forward to learning all about it (with help from T, my guru!). I hope you'll follow my blog! This is gonna be fun! Love, Claire