Monday, July 20, 2009

Rainbow Reviews Gives Alternative Treatment 4 Stars

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Both Nolan and Mark have been given compelling, believable if unfulfilled pasts. Nolan had to work his way through life…Outwardly Mark has a much more cushy existence, but we’re allowed to look closer to see the boredom, the family pressure keeping him in a job he hates. In short we can sympathize with both men. …It’s how the author had her characters recover from [a sticky] situation that is where the true metal of this storyteller is revealed. Angst, despair and ultimate joy of forgiveness are all wonderfully explored.

I really like how each man gives the gift of a future to the other. Before Mark, Nolan went through life never falling in love, never seeing the need. Before Nolan, Mark didn’t have a reason to stand up to his family. But these things weren’t imposed on the plot, they slowly grew organically from it. Yes, at times I wanted to shout at the guys to tell them they were messing up, but they couldn’t change their long-observed behavior overnight. …Well done Ms. Thompson, you’ve written another winner.

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  1. Woohoo! Congrats on the wonderful reviews! Well deserved!