Monday, July 20, 2009

Alternate Treatment - Jessewaveblog Review

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Rating: 4.25 stars out of 5
A Guest Review by Aunt Lynn

Alternative Treatment is the second book from Claire Thompson that I’ve read and enjoyed (Handyman, reviewed here, was the first). Well-written and plotted with fleshed-out characters, this is a tale of taking chances and making positive changes...I thought both protags to be sympathetic, believable, complex and well-developed…The conflict in the story is both internal and external, and while the external conflicts — mostly with Mark’s family — contribute to the whole, the majority of the drama is around Nolan and his personality issues, and Mark getting the courage to make some much desired career shifts. Around this, I liked watching the changes in the heroes. Though both men grow emotionally throughout the course of the story, Nolan’s is palpable. Learning to be happy, to trust someone else, and to not throw up his defenses nor blame others for problems he created himself all made for a satisfying journey as a reader…I recommend Alternative Treatment to anyone looking for a romantic tale of putting aside assumptions, taking chances and making changes for the better.

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