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(Cane + Rope) x Erotic Pain = Peace? Really??


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What is it about erotic pain that can so dramatically shift one's focus to a place of profound peace? How can it be that the cut of the cane against tender flesh can somehow segue into pure, white hot pleasure? Can a thorough body flogging really send a person to that height of ecstatic experience sometimes referred to as flying?

To those who have never felt the yearning for the rope that binds, or the tingle of skin longing for the kiss of leather, it must be hard to comprehend this lust for erotic pain. Stubbing a toe is not at all sexually satisfying or desirable, yet the pinch of clamps against erect nipples can send a sexual masochist into spasm of pleasure.

Clearly there are different types of pain. How and why can submitting to erotic pain bring such utter serenity?

Is it the intensity of experience that is the draw? And what of this concept of flying? What is it, exactly? How do you get there?

For me personally, getting there isn't always easy. In fact it's never easy. That's part of its power. It's sort of like the religious concept of Purgatory - you have to go down into the fires in order to ascend to that place of perfect peace. Each stroke of leather tresses, each biting kiss of the cane, takes me one step closer to that state of grace. It isn’t that the altered state into which one enters puts out the fire out, but rather softens its flame. Instead of enduring the pain, one encompasses it.

I’ve tried to capture it over and over in my writing, but I don’t think, alas, it is truly possible to put it into words. Not that that’s stopped me from trying. Here are a few examples below from my novels.

From Accidental Slave:
"It hurts, oh, Cole, it hurts. It’s too much. I can’t do it." Elizabeth danced on her toes, twisting in a frantic, futile effort to escape the stinging lash.

"You can. You are. I can sense you’re almost there. Breathe. Go with it. Stop fighting the pain. Become the pain. Become the whip. You’re strong. You’re brave. You’re almost there."

Almost where? Where am I going? Ah... Elizabeth let her head fall back. She didn’t have the strength to lift it again. The sting was still there, but somehow more bearable. Her skin, a moment ago on fire, began to cool.

Her head still hung back, eyes closed. Her lips parted and she drew a slow, shuddery breath.

Something shifted. He continued to whip her, if anything harder than before. She felt the sting but no longer defined it as pain, no longer processed it as suffering. Her fingers, which she hadn't realized had been clutching the chains, relaxed. Her hands went limp and she sagged against the thick cuffs at her wrists.

She was aware of Cole behind her, aware the whip was still biting into her flesh but she no longer felt it. She no longer heard the whistling warning of its trajectory. Her mind emptied, her breathing slowed...



Euphoric peace.

Elizabeth opened her eyes, blinking against the bright light. On one level she’d been aware of Cole dropping the whip, Cole releasing her from the cuffs and lowering her to the ground, taking her head into his lap. But she had been too deeply nestled in the cocoon of a trance to respond or speak.

She had no idea how long she’d been lying there. She hadn't been sleeping-it was more like drifting, or flying. Flying over a vast expanse of clear sky, weightless. She looked now into Cole’s handsome face. He was smiling at her.

"You did it."

"What did I do?"

"You got there. You got to that place of utter peace, didn’t you? I could feel it happening. It was the most incredible thing to watch."

"It was like flying," she offered, trying to find the right words. "Like soaring. I could still feel the whip but I didn’t feel the pain, if that makes sense."

"Perfect sense. You gave of yourself, Elizabeth. You worked past the pain, you trusted me, you trusted yourself."

From Texas Surrender:
Avery was paying attention, and clearly made an effort to obey, staying still all the while under the barrage of stinging leather. JD was impressed with his ability and willingness to take the whipping, but he wanted more. He wanted to take Avery beyond mere endurance, to that place where pleasure and pain lost their meaning as separate concepts.

He kept up a steady, methodical cropping over Avery’s ass and thighs, watching Avery’s face and reading his body language all the while. After several minutes, he no longer needed to remind Avery to breathe or relax.

Avery was breathing deeply, his hands open and limp on the bale, his eyes closed. The muscles in his face had relaxed, almost as if he were sleeping, and a small half-smile played over his lips.

Avery, this newbie to erotic pain, was entering subspace. He was flying. Though JD had never flown himself, not being one of those Dom who felt it necessary to experience every sensation they provided for their subs, he’d seen it often enough to know it when he saw it. It never failed to thrill and astound him-the knowledge that he was the one responsible for the euphoric trancelike state induced by intense physical play.

Because Avery was so new to the sensation, JD had to be especially vigilant. He would ease Avery into the experience, keeping a careful watch on his reactions. The intense sensations of both pain and pleasure triggered a dumping of endorphins and other chemicals into the bloodstream that acted much like morphine-increasing the pain tolerance of the sub as the scene became more intense. Because of that, Avery might not be aware or even capable of telling JD to stop.

By the same token, if he stopped too soon, he’d jerk Avery from the trance, denying him the complete experience of flying-a sort of subspace interruptus that he’d learned from lovers in the past was the most frustrating of experiences.

"Avery," he whispered, his mouth close to Avery’s ear. "You okay? You don’t have to speak. Just nod." He ran his hand lightly over Avery’s ass. The skin was hot to the touch and flushed a dark red from the cropping.
If Avery didn’t respond, he would stop. But after a few seconds, Avery slowly nodded his head, his eyes still closed.

"Want me to keep going?"

Again Avery nodded. JD dropped the crop and stroked Avery’s heated flesh with his fingertips. Cupping his palm, he caught the bottom half of one round globe, hitting him hard enough to elicit a faint groan. He hit the other cheek just as hard, leaving a handprint on the darkened skin. Again Avery groaned, his eyebrows furrowing just slightly. Gauging Avery had had enough, JD eased off, finishing with a series of light smacks that he slowly changed to more of a massaging stroke.

He sat down on the bale beside Avery, lifting Avery’s head gently into his lap. The smile still hovered on Avery’s lips, and he gave a long, low sigh of contentment. JD smoothed back the hair from Avery’s soot-smudged cheek and tucked it behind his ear.

Avery opened his eyes and twisted his head to look up at JD. "Wow," he offered.

JD grinned. "Feeling better?"

"I feel..." Avery paused, seeming to ponder this. He lay his head back down on JD’s knee. "Amazin’. I don’t even know how to describe it. It’s like, better than sex. No, that’s not it. It’s like bein’ drunk, only without the sick woozy feel after. No, no, that’s wrong. It’s like..." He paused, gathering his thoughts. "It’s like this one time when I was a kid and my mom took me down to Galveston. I went swimmin’ in the water, and I got kind of far out. I was tired, so I just lay back and let the water buoy me. I was floatin’ beneath this clear blue sky and it seemed like everythin’ was right with the world."

And, you might ask, what does the Dom get out of all this? (S)he becomes an intrinsic part of the equation.

The love, concern and total connection necessary between the two is essential to create the right environment for a sub to fly. It’s one of the few acts of erotic lover that can’t be mimicked in any masturbatory or auto-erotic fashion. It takes two, which makes it that much more special, and more powerful.

From Heart of Submission:
She sat at the bottom of the bed, perched on the edge, a look of dreamy contentment on her face. "Gosh, Chase. That was amazing. I’ve never experienced anything like it. I guess that’s what they call flying, huh?"
Chase knelt on the rug in front of Kate and put his hands on her bare thighs. "Yeah. It’s really something to watch, to be a part of. There’s no greater high for a Dom than taking his sub there. It’s..." He paused, trying to come up with the right words to capture what was, essentially, indescribable. "’s a moment of intense connection. There is no other time, or place, or past or future. Everything is completely concentrated in that moment. It’s like a beam of light as focused as a laser, and as powerful." He laughed at himself. "I know I’m making absolutely no sense."

"No, no, you are. I mean, I experienced that too-the connectedness. Like the flogger was an extension of your arm, like you were," she paused and ducked her head, finishing shyly, "making love to me with it." She laughed. "Now who’s making no sense?"

"It makes perfect sense," Chase murmured, stroking her impossibly soft skin. "It’s about trust. I could feel your trust and that freed me to take you further on the journey. You give me the power, you see, when you give me that trust. That’s what I mean about an erotic exchange of power. When it happens, there’s nothing like it. I take that gift very seriously, Kate. And I would never abuse it."

"Thank you," Kate whispered.

"Thank you," he responded, "for your gift."

And thank you for reading this far! Remember, nothing presented in this article is written in stone. It’s just my own personal take on the experience, and my feeble efforts to give words to the feelings. I’d love your comments on this post, on flying, and on your personal experiences and ideas.

Respectfully submitted, Claire
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  1. Hi Claire,

    This is well said and beautifully written! Thank you for sharing your experiences as well as excerpts from your amazing books.

    Donna #5555

  2. Hi Claire and Happy Anniversary I normally read paranormal romance and have just started reading more books with BDSM. That was a great blog and great excerpts. Have a great Friday!

    deb ;0)


  3. Good morning, Claire.

    I loved the excerpts and am ready for more. I look forward in reading them.

    Tracey D
    Blog Participant #240

  4. I think you did a great job of describing it Claire! Always!
    In fact, I think I am due for some rereads!!
    Congrats on a year!!


  5. Not my usual sort of read,but interesting. Pam 7906

  6. Hey Claire. :) I agree completely that erotic pain brings one into this amazing place mentally. I tend to stay there for extended periods after a good session.

    I love your books!

    blog tourist 2267

  7. Claire,

    I enjoyed the stroll back through familiar and well loved stories. Though I don't personally feel the attraction to BDSM and do enjoy reading many of your beautifully written books that have that as part of the relationship in the love story. It's a lovely addition to the faith and trust that many of your characters have in their life partners.

    Have a great weekend,
    Tour # 270

  8. I don't get it but to each his own.


  9. Great excerpts Claire!

    blog participant #2919

  10. As a reader of books that deal with erotic pain, I enjoy seeing a person who is so in control let go and release all of that stagnant energy. The same goes for the timid person who shows a different part of themselves and finds that special free space.
    It's about trust at it's highest level.

    Blog Tour #2291

  11. I pretty much stick to paranormal romance. Don't know if this is my cup of tea or not. Will have to try reading more of it before I make a voice an opinion. I'm #8060

  12. WOW! Those excerpts were really good Claire. The covers on those books of yours are really good too. Thanks for participating in the blog tour.

    Blog Tour Participant #: 8153

  13. Wowee! Great excerpts!

  14. Very hot excerpts!

    Blog participant#7975

  15. Love the excerpts! Participant # 8129

  16. Hi Claire!
    I read Texas Surrender and really enjoyed it - based on the excerpts I'll be checking out your other books for sure :)
    Anna #2895

  17. Hi Claire,

    Having a blast with your contest. Thanks for sharing these fabulous excerpts with us.


  18. An interesting perspective on eros. It is not one I share but I enjoyed the excerpts and your convincing attempts at describing the elusive pleasures that can come with erotic pain. Fascinating!


  19. Yay! I am so glad you are on this tour! I have a ton of your books, mostly your M/M BDSM, and that is the only experience I have with it, but I always love the new toys you bring up. My favorite book is "Submission Times Two". Keep up the great work!!

  20. Uncle Moose - 7991 - having major trouble posting a comment.

  21. Okay - let's see if it's the length. Gonna divide it up, Part one Uncle Moose 7991

    Hi Claire,

    Uncle Moose #7991 - from your excerpts - and by reading your books, I believe you capture it well. I am very interested in BDSM, but have only attended festivals and have taken classes and have watched - I have not participated, though I really want to.

    One of the day classes I attended, A man tied up a woman - it was a brilliant work of art, with celtic like knots done with Japanese silk ropes. She hung suspended from a beam, her naked body was curved in a bow.The dom did a series of things to her with different size whips, canes, and other devices.

    There was an tingling current running through the room. I could barely sit still, as I felt excitement, expectation, and nervous energy eliminating from the students. As for the couple who where showing this technique, all focus was on themselves - as if they were the only ones in the universe.

    I watch the female more than the male. It was totally amazing. Her trust in him, the sharpness of the stings and pains crossed her delicate features. Yet, there came a time you could see her bound figure slowly relax and go with the flow. Her eyes became glazed and she closed them, sliding down into some unseen universe within herself.

    The room grew amazingly silent, with the exception of an instrument whizzing through the air and landing on it's soft, flesh target.

    Her face transformed. If I hadn't seen it for myself, I don't think I would have believed it. Her lips relaxed, parted. She almost glowed. I don't remember her making any sounds, but where ever she was, she was totally oblivious.

    I swear, I was holding my breath, taking in the beauty of it all. The skill, the trust, the gift - it was a triad of miraculate proportions I never knew to be aware of before.

  22. Uncle Moose 7991 part two (I know I only get counted for one entry)

    The dom slowed down, the smacks lessened, he muttered to her as his hands caressed the angry flesh he had created. After a bit, I finally heard her mutter, and he started to untie his artwork, explaining to us students what had just happened.

    While he talked, I still watched her - amazed by her reaction, and fighting with my own instilled doubts that she could have actually enjoyed it.

    From start to finish, it took about 45 minutes.

    Continuing his mutterings of comfort and re-enforcing she had done wonderful, the dom unweaved the ropes to a point where he could get the female out of the bondage knots safely, he carefully brought her from out of the ropes, wrapped a fleece blanket around her, gently laid her on a ground futon and placed a bottle of water near her hand.

    While she rested, he undid the rest of the ropes, re-wrapped them for use next time, all the while talking with us while he kept an eye on her.

    Later, during another class where we got hands on training inserting rods into submissive males, I was able to ask the female what it was like.

    She got this big smile on her face, and a dreamy look in her eyes. She told me it was hard to explain - but she compared it to the feeling one got during transential meditation (which I have done) - or even the euphoric effect of what some call a "runners high" (which I don't know, because I've never run.)

    She said it went beyond sexual orgasm. It was a mind orgasm.

    It was like purging your sins through fire and pain, only to travel down a tunnel to experience purity and niviana.(her words, not mine)

    Thank you Claire for your courage to explore this with your readers and for participating in the anniversary contest. You are the best

  23. I've read a lot of BDSM books, but have never really done it myself. The idea seems great, but there's a lot of trust I think that you need in someone who does that for you. It's interesting that you have experience in it. I'm not sure how many authors do. I really like that you make it an emotional thing. I've read some sites where it's just awful and I was so disappointed, because it seemed more like abuses that taking a person where they want to go. You have great stories. I've read your m/m ones and they're great. :)


  24. Tour Member #2564

    Just want to point out that you can enjoy reading about other people's enjoyment of erotic pain without being into it yourself. The key, for me, is whether the erotic pain, giving or taking, is shown affecting the relationship between the participants. If it's just people getting their kink on, not so interesting, but if it's how they're deepening their emotions, or working out a hurt, or negotiating from a short term relationship to something longer term, that's awesome.

  25. Hi Claire, I didn't register as I want readers to win, but just wanted to comment that your blog was interesting - you know my thoughts on pain - I'm chicken - and never got beyond spanking! However, it makes for very hot reading!

  26. These comments are amazing in themselves. Thank you so much for sharing your feelings, thoughts and experiences on the topic. You know, I kind of forgot that folks coming by might be totally unfamiliar with my work and have zero interest in BDSM. I especially appreciate those of you in that category for taking the time to read the blog and offer your comments. Every single one of you is terrific, and my fingers and toes are crossed that one of you who posted a comment here on my blog is the lucky winner!
    Love, Claire

  27. Hi, Claire!

    These excerpts were beautifully written. I don't really know anything about the subject matter, but I can imagine...

    Before I forget, my "Blog Tour Participant" number is: 8032.

    And thanks SO much for adding to the fun of the "Blog Tour" by having your own contest with prizes. That is SO cool of you to do that! I hope I do win a book of yours because I totally LOVE your writing voice.

    In addition to that, I have a collection of autographed works, and I would be so honored to add one of YOURS to my collection!

    It's been nice "meeting" you.

    Cynde (Cynde's Got The Write Stuff)

  28. Hi Claire, I own more than a few of your books. Love your work.
    I'm #8331

  29. Love your excerpts.

    Gabrielle #8226

  30. Hi, this contest has been so much fun and I really like you site.

    Here is my # 6997


  31. Great excerpts Claire! As I am just discovering BDSM, I look forward to reading more of your writing.

    Have a sunny summer everyone! :)

    My number is 7936.

  32. You have some of the best BDSM out there. I love to read your stories. :)

  33. You guys are terrific. This has been a ton of fun. Hats off to 1RE for this terrific blog tour and the great prizes!

  34. Erotic Pain is not my thing; however after reading your comments I can see why it appeals to others! Thanks for sharing.

    Tour Member (Participant Number) #5002

  35. You explain the feelings of this lifestyle perfectly. And even though I'm not into every aspect of it, there are certain things that heighten the moment and strengthen the connection. Thanks for the great excerpts too.

    Tour participant #228

  36. Claire, one of the things I like best about your books is you do a wonderful job of explaining the lifestyle. It is something that I definitely puzzle over, but I have gained a better understanding from your books. You are probably the best author I have read that explains it so well.

    Blog tourist #1550

  37. I think you do a fantastic job with your words. You really paint a picture so that the reader can see and understand. :-) I love your books.

    Larena #294

  38. Thank you for the excerpts! I have bought a few of your books but haven't had a chance to read them...I've personally never expereienced BDSM but I find the topic very interesting and admit to a bit of curiousity.

    My participant #4394

  39. Great excerpts Claire.

    Happy anniversary 1RE

  40. Thanks for the great post. I enjoy some BDSM books. I don't really like the ones that have dubious consent or a 'slave' situation. Not really into the ones that are heavy on pain either.
    D/s stories with mild spanking, bondage, toys, etc. Those are more my style.

    participant #8001

  41. Hi Claire and Happy Anniversary 1Romance Ebooks! I so enjoy your books and the excerpts you've posted are so amazing. Your writing on the subject has such an intensity and you pull your readers into the world of your subjects.


  42. I am very intrigued by BDSM as a concept, but have never, and I'm sure never will, experienced it personally. But maybe that's the point of fiction. I'll never solve a mystery or go traveling between the stars either, except in my mind. And ultimately, the mind can go anywhere.


  43. Dear Claire, although I am not personally into BSDM, I have enjoyed reading your stories because of the quality of your writing and the depth of your characters. I have also enjoyed chatting with you online and look forward to reading more of your work.

    Mary M.


  44. I don't think the pain thing is my thing to read.
    Stacey 8156

  45. Hallöchen Claire,

    Being a big fan of your writing, I’ve very much looked forward to your stop on this blog tour. And not surprisingly, you’ve again captured brilliantly the essence of what, in my mind, turns BDSM play into an erotic art form between two people.

    As long as I can remember, and long before I read anything about BDSM, I’ve fantasized about the “darker” side of sexuality – being bound and helpless, feeling the sting of leather or a hard hand on my skin… Unfortunately, it’s still mostly fantasy – in the earlier days, social conditioning had me see these desires as “perverted”; nowadays I just haven’t found that special person to trust with my dreams and needs.

    That’s the biggest requirement for me, a person I can trust and have feelings for. Sex and BDSM play for their sake alone never did anything for me; I could never just go to a club to “get my kicks”. That’s probably why I love your books so much – the heartfelt exploration of the erotic exchange of power that can make BDSM a truly sensual experience.

    So, in absence of that special person, I rely on (your) books to tie me over. Can’t wait to read “Safe In His Arms”. Couldn’t imagine to sympathize with the truly unlikable Hank, but knowing your style, I’ll probably even like him at the end of the story. Have relegated the book to my wish list for now in the hopes of winning a copy or a gift certificate to 1RE ;-) Still almost 2 weeks to go, but it will give me a chance to get through my TBR folder or reread some of your books.

    Thanks for the many hours of enjoyable downtime with your incredible stories and the deep insight into your world and my fantasies!

    Yours Kathrin


  46. Again I wake up, check this blog and am amazed at the thoughtful, open responses of you all. Kathrin, you mentioned the "darker side" side, which is interesting, as that's where I got my start as a writer too - exploring the dark fantasies of abduction and forced erotic slavery - pure fantasy, but for me a huge step in admitting certain aspects of my persona, and what affected me on a core level. My later work these past years is much more focused on the romance and the power of a loving D/s relationship. I have moved from that fantasy aspect to stories that are real between characters who are three dimensional real folks with real issues and crap going on in their lives along with their desires/fears/longing regarding a D/s experience. I guess maybe you could say I've 'grown up' as far as my writing goes, moving from teenage fantasies to a search for something poignant and real that resonates with my own heartfelt desires and dreams.

    Man, I'm getting too heavy here! On a lighter note, guess what? I'm going to the beach tomorrow for a whole week of much needed rest and relaxation! No day job, just sun, sand and ocean...peace!

  47. Hi Claire,
    Love the excerpts, plan on buying the Accidental Slave. I have some of your other books Sacred Circle, Slaves to love. I do like reading this genre, again can't wait to buy Accidental Slave. Thanks for the great writing


  48. Hallöchen Claire,
    "I have moved ... to stories that are real between characters who are three dimensional real folks with real issues and crap going on in their lives along with their desires/fears/longing regarding a D/s experience." - That's exactly how I feel when reading your books, like it's real. I believe it, can see them before my eyes, almost touch them, feel what they feel - it's incredible! That's why you are the best in this genre!!!

    Anyway, have a wonderful week at the beach, lots of sun and happy smiles!

  49. Accidental Slave ... You bring a beauty to something so many don't understand. Your writing shows that love is something very special and when it's shared by two people in a D/s relationship where trust is the bond that "ties" two people together there are no limits on their happiness. Thank you Claire.

  50. Gosh, I wish I could pick each and every one of you to win! The lucky winner of a signed paperbook or ebook is....Romance Goddess! Thank you all for participating. You are terrific!

    Love, Claire

  51. Glad you really enjoyed the beach
    Be honest, forthright, and true to your self
    and none of us
    none of your fans
    will ever desert you.
    The admiration I have for you is be yond description