Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Remember Way Back When...

...YOU used to read M/F erotic romance? It wasn't that long ago!

Remember how you shivered as the sexy alpha hero proved his merit at last, and left our heroine melting with longing? Could you almost feel his hands moving over your skin, taste his lips pressing against yours, as you let him claim you at last...?

Here are two little excerpts to give you a sense...

Excerpt 1

He had eyes the color of clear dark tea, sunny blond hair spilling carelessly over a high forehead, a half smile hovering on full, sensuous lips. His red tag read Master John, though she didn't need color coding or titles to ascertain his orientation. He exuded power. Kate could feel it like fingers moving over her skin. She realized she was staring at him. Swallowing, she turned away, hoping the heat in her face hadn't translated to a blush.
She felt his hand on her shoulder, gently but forcibly turning her back toward him. His smile was warm enough to melt butter. "I bet you're a wild one, in serious need of taming."
Kate realized her nipples had shot to attention without permission. Silently she cursed the flimsy fabric of her cream-colored silk tank top. As if reading her mind, Master John's eyes moved slowly downward from her face, sweeping over her breasts.
She tossed her hair. "I might be wild, but I've yet to meet the man who can tame me," she said with as much bravado as she could muster.
Shit! Where had that come from?
Master John laughed. "Is that a challenge, little girl?"
Returning to her senses, Kate stammered, "Uh, no. No, I'm just here to learn. To take it all in."
"Are you now," he replied, eyebrows arched.

Excerpt 2

They kissed again, and he felt the slow burn of desire curling through his body. Pulling back, he reached for her arms and lifted them, guiding her hands to the O ring hanging from the ceiling. Taking his cue, she gripped it, swaying slightly.
"Will it support my weight?" she asked, her voice tremulous.
"Oh, yes, absolutely," he assured her. His cock was aching, fully erect and pointing toward his left hip. He stepped behind her, reaching up to grasp her wrists. She didn't release her hold of the ring, but stood still, as if already bound. He leaned forward, pressing his body against hers, feeling the curve of her ass against his cock. She didn't pull away.
His mouth next to her ear, he murmured, "Would you like for me to give you a taste of sensual bondage?" He ran his fingers lightly down her arms, moving along the silky fabric that covered her torso, feeling the slight tremor in her body as he touched her.
"Yes, please," she said throatily.
When he moved to retrieve the proper rope, he realized his owns hands were trembling slightly, with both excitement and perhaps a bit of fear.
It had been so long.
He wasn't worried about his skill with the various intricate knots that he used or his ability with a flogger or cane, but was his touch still sure? Did he still have what it took to dominate a woman, to make her shudder and moan with desire, to make her surrender her body and her will?
He used a basic two column tie on her wrists, securing her with the soft rope. The room was relatively cool, compared with the summer heat outside, but Kate's skin was hot to the touch. His lips itched to kiss her again, but he forced himself to focus on his task.
"How's that?" he asked, stepping back to appraise his handiwork. He'd chosen the royal blue rope, which looked pretty against her pale, smooth skin and contrasted nicely with her coppery red hair. "Are you comfortable?" Kate's cheeks were flushed, making her eyes look even greener, a deep, clear emerald green with tiny flecks of gold around the pupils.
She pulled against the rope. "Yes." She swallowed and took a deep, shuddery breath. She was fidgeting, moving her feet in a nervous little dance on the floor.
He stroked her cheek and spoke gently, caressing her the way one might gentle a wild horse. "Relax. You're safe. We're just experimenting right now. I'm going to take off your sandals. And then I'm going to raise the pulley, just a little, just enough to put you on tiptoe, but not high enough for full suspension, okay?"
Kate nodded, visibly swallowing again. He knelt and slipped the sandals from her pretty, slender feet. He noticed her toenails were painted a pale pink, like the inner part of a nautilus shell. Standing, he moved toward the wall, taking the long blue rope with him and threading it through the winch. He turned the handle slowly, watching as she was forced higher, rising on tiptoe, her arms stretched taut.
Returning to the bound girl, he lightly kissed her cheek. "Is this what you want, Kate? Is it what you need?" He ran his hands down her sides again, barely touching the swell of her breasts as his hands moved past them.
She nodded. 
"Say it, Kate. Tell me what you need."
RELEASE DATE: SATURDAY, APRIL 24. I do hope you will check it out and fall in love again with M/F  D/s Romance!


  1. OH yeah! I can't wait! I love M/F!!!! And I love YOUR M/F! I have been missing them!!!

  2. Oh Claire, that sent shivers down my spine. Just the intensity in those 2 excerpts were tantalizing. I am looking forward to it.

  3. Saturday in the wee hours...! Can't wait!