Monday, December 10, 2012

Golden Boy Will Be Here FRIDAY!

Seven years since its first release, Johnny Wilson and Eric Mendez are BACK! The book is updated with new bits sprinkled throughout AND a BRAND NEW extra sexy, extra hot BONUS chapter! I hope you will pick it up again if it's an old favorite, or if it's new to you, find out what makes Golden Boy one of my all-time best sellers, year after year after year!

Johnny begins to come to terms with his sexual orientation after a friend opens his eyes to the world beyond his homophobic upbringing. Looking back, Johnny recognizes there were signs all his life that he was gay, but what about his dark fantasies of bondage, whips and domination?

While at a club, Johnny spots a gorgeous man across the room and immediately feels the pull of the dark and dangerous, passionate sexual energy that is Eric Mendez. Frightened by his own reaction, and thinking he has nothing to offer a man like Eric, Johnny runs.

And Eric pursues. 

Eric yearns to teach Johnny about love and erotic submission, but for Johnny, the price of accepting those gifts is high, maybe too high. His family, his job, the life he’s always known, could all be forfeited if he follows his heart.

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