Sunday, November 4, 2012

True Kin Vampire Series Reissued - Dark, Delicious Erotica

You know if it's a Claire Thompson, odds are good there is BDSM thrown into the mix! These luscious, dark vampire tales will sweep you into a world of blood-drippingly sensual erotica and erotic romance with my own particular D/s spin.

Each novel stands on its own, but it's more fun to read them all, starting with:

Sacred Circle - Book 1 of the True Kin Vampire Tales

Grace Davis has always known there was something different about her. She has a secret fascination with all things vampire and an unrequited longing for the sweet taste of blood. When the dark, sensual Julian Gaston appears in her life, he offers the promise of discovery, but with a price.

Julian wrenches Grace from her safe but lonely humanity into a dangerous, sensual world of erotic submission. The vampire demands obedience and passion in a fiery exchange of power and love. The whisper of true love beckons, but it comes wrapped in blood-soaked cruelty, gossamer sweetness and sizzling passion.

Outcast - Book 2 of the True Kin Vampire Tales

Countess Adrienne Rouchard is beautiful, strong, passionate—and a vampire. Cast out of the True Kin vampire community for turning a human without the Elders’ approval, she has been a fugitive these past hundred years, slipping in and out of the darkness as she seeks the human blood she must have to stay alive.

Adrienne has left a trail of lovers over the centuries, but none has pierced her heart like the vampire Daniel O’Shay. A chance meeting in a marketplace rekindles a passion she had thought lost forever.

Hunted and pursued by friend and foe alike, Adrienne is only one step ahead of those who seek her. Drenched with intrigue, adventure and desire, Outcast is a paranormal romance filled with action and suspense, with mysteries to unravel and darkness in every corner. 

Sacred Blood - Book 3 of the True Kin Vampire Tales

The vampire Yasmine Hilal has been recruited in a deadly hunt for a rogue band of vampires who are killing their own kind. As she embarks on the adventure of a lifetime, Yasmine comes face to face with Englishman David Lawrence, her onetime savior centuries before when she was nothing but a slave girl.

David, never aware of her secret, pining love, is struck with the glamorous beauty and wit of this aloof, modern woman, unaware she is determined to remain impervious to his charms. Yasmine is reluctantly paired with the dashing David as they return to her Middle Eastern home to penetrate the harem of the evil vampire Prince Hasan. Posing as a dispossessed princess to penetrate his secret lair, Yasmine risks her life, trusting in the one man she ever loved to save her.

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