Friday, August 3, 2012

New Release and Contest!

The Story of Owen: 
One Man’s Submissive Journey

All his life Owen has secretly dreamed of sexual submission at the hands of a dominant woman—kneeling naked before his Mistress, awaiting the stroke of her whip, the stinging kiss of her cane, the tight grip of rope and chain—but he’s never quite found the opportunity, or the nerve, to make those dreams come true…until now. When a friend presses the business card of an exclusive pro Domme into Owen’s hands, he embarks on a journey from which there is no return—a journey filled with erotic pain, fierce pleasures of the flesh and mind, and even, if he has the courage to seize it, a chance at true love.

And to celebrate this new release, let's have a contest!
How to enter the contest: 
Email me a link to a comment or review you have left on any review site or sales site (including Amazon, Goodreads or even someone's blog) of one of my books.
What you will win if you are selected:
An autographed copy of one of my novels or you can choose the ebook download of your choice. 

The winner will be announced in my next newsletter. If you aren't signed up to receive my newsletter, just send me an email that you'd like to be added. And if you don't want to receive the newsletter, don't worry, I will notify the individual winner by email as well.  Good luck!  

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