Sunday, June 13, 2010

I wanted to give you an update on the latest novel, Safe in His Arms.  I've been working very hard, and I am about to start the last chapter today! Though that is just the rough draft, meaning I will have finally got all the words on (virtual) paper, but there will still be a lot more work. I need to rework a couple of chapters that aren't quite right yet, but it's very exciting to get the whole story down, with the plot in place and the issues resolved and the characters fully fleshed out.

This is an intense novel, in terms of experience for our (anti)hero, Hank. Those of you who read Wicked Hearts  know that Hank was not a likable man (to put it mildly). He could even be characterized, as the title implies, as wicked. Yet even for the wicked there is hope. It has been a wonderful challenge to move Hank through stages of anger and grief at the loss of the most important man in his life (Reese in Wicked Hearts ), to devastating loneliness, then the glimmer of a chance at love, which he blows, to rock bottom misery and despair, and then...slowly...a chance at something better, if he has the courage and the heart to seize it. 

Hank is not your typical hero, and this is not your typical love story. It takes place against a BDSM backdrop, with Hank learning his submissive potential and the release and freedom he can find by letting go. His potential lover, Russell, isn't a typical hero either - he's a big 6'3" bear of a man, who happens to be a sex worker for a living, though the special brand of love for hire he provides is about a lot more than just turning tricks. He's had his share of heartbreak, and is very careful as a result.

Ok, I could go on all day about my boys. I know I'm in a good space with the novel, because I'm completely in love with them both. Time's a wasting (it's already 5:22 AM and I haven't even started yet! Behind schedule again!) so off I go to let my muse sing and my fingers fly.

Love, Claire

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